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AFRICAN TRADE CENTER (ATC), is a trade and investment promotion agency committed fully to promoting, foreign and local direct investment into the African economy, the optimal utilization of local content, facilitation of regional trade integration and the export and acceptance of African made goods in the international market. ATC believes most strongly that Africa is a land full of opportunities and is equally committed to translating these opportunities into realities.

Globalization is the dominating issue in both government and commerce. No government or nation can survive alone, business is more interrelated and dependent on networks, and economies are merging to overcome impending tides of globalization. The world is increasingly becoming a global village. Africa cannot remain on the side lines of this on going process. It is based on this premise that AFRICAN TRADE CENTER is committed to its promise to effectively contribute in the integration of African business into the globalization process and creating opportunities for African made products in the vast international export market.  

Our target is to see African goods compete favourably in the international while promoting Africa globally as a preferred investment destination with its abundant human and natural endowments. Our prime objective is to promote enterprise and a sound environment conducive to the conduct of business anywhere in Africa for Africans and non-Africans alike and bridging all existing gaps between African manufacturers/business practitioners and their counterparts within the emerging economies and developed nations.  

ATC understands local and international trade and has world-class products, systems and people to structure solutions to meet individual export and investment requirements including sourcing and providing financial support and assistance to Small, Medium Enterprises which is globally acknowledged as the engine for sustainable industrial and technological development. ATC provides adequate educational resource to both local and international investors through the publication of magazines and trade journals. A comprehensive understanding of the clients business enables ATC to provide an efficient specialist service ensuring a holistic, customized solution for our clients and members alike. 






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