The NEPAD-AFRICA TRADE FAIR OF INDIGENOUS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES with the theme: “DISCOVER AFRICA”. Is conceived to facilitate the attainment of NEPAD Local content development drive and capacity building, the Trade Fair is designed to showcase, promote and expose locally made products.

The TRADE FAIR as designed will bring indigenous manufacturers and companies together to showcase their products. While showcasing indigenous products, this 9-Day event will equally encourage partnership, joint venture initiatives, and improvement in quality goods production, packaging and service delivery and further enhance cooperation between Africa Nations, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Our intention and part of the expected derivable through this process is to encourage local content development, facilitate Intra-Regional Trade interactions, showcase Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) potentials for regional co-operation and equally expose non-oil products and services for export with a view to promoting competitiveness and recognition in the global market.

Expose African products to greater competitiveness within the continent and the vast international export market.Expose African products to greater competitiveness within the continent and the vast international export market.
Provide a unique meeting point for interactions and exchange of ideas between potential investors, buyers and sellers of general goods / services.
Encourage partnership and joint-venture initiatives between investors, manufacturers, industrialists and other stakeholders.
Promote regional trade development, cooperation and integration in Africa.
Expose Africa and its great and vast potentials and opportunities to both African and Western entrepreneurs.
Facilitate the development and optimal utilization of local content and its acceptance in the vast international export market.
Promote the non-oil sector of the African economy with particular respect to agro-industries, manufacturing, mining and mineral resources.






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